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Our Philosophy

At DeOrio Strategies Group we believe that fundraising, development, and philanthropy are both science and art. Each is structured and strategic and research-driven and calculated, but also creative and emotional and passionate and personal. We strive to blend science and art into a beautiful harmony. And it's that core harmony that drives our company and our work with each client.


DeOrio Strategies Group works with nonprofits on the business of fundraising, seeking to build strategic, sustainable, and mission-driven development programs. We provide general fundraising counsel; create and manage capital, endowment, and annual campaigns; research and write grants for corporations, foundations, and government sources; conduct development audits, assessments, and feasibility studies; create and execute special events; and conduct strategic planning and organizational development services.

All services are tailored to fit the individual needs and objectives of each client. This hand-in-hand, partnership-type approach distinguishes us from other consultants, providing a more collaborative working relationship and comprehensive project planning and implementation. Working with both nonprofit organizations and donors, we bring a thorough understanding of the roles and challenges of each, and how those roles and challenges intersect.

As accomplished professionals with hands-on experience working in nonprofit organizations, we believe in a culture where excellence is expected, no detail is too small or unimportant, and perfection is always the goal. We not only help our clients develop and refine their vision, but craft that vision into reality. Being respectful of the time constraints of our clients, DeOrio Strategies Group applies a hands-on, team-based approach with all projects. Our plans and recommendations set realistic goals and practical steps for implementation.


We also work with individuals and corporations and foundations of all sizes to develop a mission and vision for their philanthropy. We help them be strategic with their charitable giving by identifying priorities and setting goals. This leads to more efficient, effective, and meaningful philanthropy for both the donor and the organization.


At DeOrio Strategies Group we believe in the power of nonprofits and philanthropy!

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